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Easy Tarot Course
Everything you didn't know you needed in a tarot course!

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Easy Tarot Course

The Easy Tarot Course is for anyone who wants to become a professional tarot card reader, who needs more tarot clients, or who wants to build upon their knowledge of the tarot. 

The Easy Tarot Course is easy to get: The Easy Tarot Course is available for a suggested donation of $29.00 (or whatever donation amount you wish to give). 

Get the Easy Tarot Course now: Just put in your email and choose your donation amount (see above). And get instant access to the course and Chandra.

About the Easy Tarot Course...

The Easy Tarot Course is a complete course in tarot. You'll learn how to confidently read all the tarot cards, how to lay out the tarot card spreads, and how to give tarot card readings that will impress and amaze your tarot clients.

You'll also be given an opportunity to join the Elite Tarot Facebook group and get access to other course resources and other handouts you won't find anywhere else.

Course creator, Chandra (Sanskrit for Moon) has performed countless thousands of tarot card readings and offers you valuable insight and advice to help you on your journey.

This is a must have course for both experienced tarot card readers and the inexperienced alike. 

What you get...

12 Video Lessons in 4 Modules (how-to, secrets, tips, tricks, and more)

7+ hours of video training (learn everything, feel confident)

All future course updates (keep learning)

Tarot cheat sheets (learning aids, handouts, and instructions that work)

Invitation to join the Elite Tarot Facebook Group (private group)

Ongoing support from Chandra (Worth the price of the course alone!)

Much much more!

How it works...

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Start with the first lesson in the first module

Continue through the modules until you've finished

Course handouts will be available within select lessons

Reach out if you need support or have questions

Check back often (new content is regularly added)

Have fun and revisit lessons anytime you like!

What others are saying...

"Everything you'd expect and much more you'll find in this course. The best course (not just tarot course) I've ever taken." -- Chris Slain

"It is the best tarot course! It's easy, practical, provides insights I've never gotten anywhere else (online or off line)." -- Madeline Banks

"Chandra is an expert and his energy and 'Give All' approach to teaching and sharing will make you think you should have paid much more for this course!" -- Danny Coelho

"I learned how to read the tarot in one afternoon and was told by a paying friend that the reading I gave her was the best reading she'd ever gotten! I'm proof this is the real deal. Just get the course, you'll thank yourself after the first lesson." -- Lana Bell

"I thought I knew everything there was to know about the tarot, but I was sorely mistaken. This course contains so much, explained so simply, that I'll use it as my 'forever-resource' to keep coming back to." --Paul Sheldon

"I love this course. I'd give it 10 stars out of 5 if I could. Chandra is an excellent teacher and doesn't hold back on what he knows. You'll love the course!" -- Amanda Travis

  • What makes this course different from any other tarot course?
    The Easy Tarot Course teaches you everything you'd expect to learn on other courses. But the Easy Tarot Course provides so much more value, insight, and education into reading the tarot and profiting from it.

    You'll explore topics not covered in most other classes, because you're actually being taught by someone who has done countless thousands of tarot card readings. And who has years and years of experience!

    What's more you'll get access to the instructor as well as an invitation to join the Elite Tarot Facebook Group, Chandra's private "inner-circle" master mind group!
  • What if I don't have $29 to donate?
    $29 dollars is the suggested donation amount. If you really want to take the course and don't have the suggested donation amount, please reach out to Chandra to make some other arrangement. His email address is: chandra108@gmail.com
  • How can I profit from this course?
    This tarot course has an entire module created to help you set yourself up for success as a professional tarot card reader. Chandra shares his secrets for getting clients and how to do tarot card reading as a full time profession. (Hint: Tarot pays well using his strategies and secrets!)

    In addition to doing tarot for profit, once you purchase the course you'll be able to share the course with others and earn a commission from every sale you generate. Some of our affiliates may earn a full time income just from sharing the opportunity.
  • What's your refund policy?
    This course is donation based. For this reason there are no refunds. If you need financial help, please reach out to Chandra.
  • Will I learn how to deal with problem clients?
    Using this course should prevent you from having problem clients. So... Yes?
  • Can I donate more than $29?
    You can donate whatever is in your heart. Just enter the amount you wish to donate above when you checkout.
Meet Your Instructor...

Easy Tarot Course$29

What you'll learn...

Learn how to give professional tarot card readings

Learn an easy way to read all tarot cards so you never question what a card means, or have to second-guess yourself

Discover how to use the lessons from the tarot to sell your tarot services

Discover Chandra's secrets on how to get tarot clients (Hint: You'll Never Runout!)

Find out how to use your intuition along with the tarot to help clients solve problems, find new truths, and get the answers and advice they seek

Make tarot profitable and fun and a worthwhile exciting profession

Master a skill and profession you can profit from for life (You'll never worry about needing a job or how you're going to pay the bills)

Create meaning in your own life helping and loving others selflessly through the tarot (Be a blessing and feel the blessings that come from helping others)

Much much more!

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  • 1xEasy Tarot Course$29

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